Chinglin Peer Tutoring Program

July – August 2006

Jointly Organized by Fukien Middle School (North Point)
Maplewood Education Services
“Our Reflections”

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I am so happy to have joined this program in this summer holiday.

  At first, I didn’t understand what the tutors said, so I was not interested in this program. In my opinion, it was only a waste of my time. Gradually, I got used to their accent /pronunciation and I started to like this program.

  There were nine students in our groups and we had two tutors, John and Calista. They are studying in an international school, so they speak English very well. In class, they taught us grammar, pronunciation, writing and reading. They also played English games with us. Sometimes they chatted with us and told us something about their life. John also lent some English books to us to increase our vocabulary.

  After joining this program, I have learnt more about grammar, pronunciation, writing and reading. I can also speak English more confidently and practise listening more in English. This program is good for improving our English. I enjoyed myself in this program. Many thanks to John and Calista.




  In this program, I have learnt lots of interesting things and words about animals, weather, countries and so on. My English has improved. To me, three hours of the lesson a day was not too long as the program was very good. The teachers are very friendly and cute. We are like friends and they taught us very well. Sometimes we didn’t understand what they said and they would communicate with us in Putonghua. I like them very much. So does everyone, I believe. If I have a chance again, I hope they’ll help me with my English.




          I come from the mainland. So my English is not good. But I think I was lucky to have a good chance to learn English during the summer holiday. I understood what the tutors said. I believe I have  learnt some new words and improved my listening skill. I remember we stayed together most of the time in school. I don’t think I will forget the tutors. They are our friends. I like them and would like to thank them again.




  It is hard to think the three-week “Peer to Peer English Tutoring Program” would be over soon. The lessons helped improve my English skills and made me more confident to speak English. I usually memorize what the teachers say in class, but I don’t know how to apply in real life. Since the tutors are my age, I was not afraid to ask them questions and they also shared their problems with us. All the classmates also find this program very useful. Not only does it help us to broaden our minds, but it also provides us with a chance to boost our confidence in speaking English and to get to know more friends from abroad. Finally, I hope more student tutors from different countries can join this program so that we have great fun interacting with them and understanding their cultures.




  My English teacher told us about the “Chinglin Peer Tutoring Program” two months ago and we read more information on it on the Internet. Most of us were interested and joined it during the summer holiday.

  At first, I couldn’t understand what the tutors John and Calista said. I thought listening presented the most difficult problem to me. The frustrations and failure echoed so deeply in my mind. I guessed the other classmates also had the same problem. Yet the tutors taught us how to improve ourselves through trials and errors. Gradually, we started learning to listen in English. They have become our friends. Furthermore, I like playing games in this program. We could have a lot of fun and gain much knowledge from the games in English. The lessons suddenly became more and more exciting.

  The program was great. Three weeks of study was too short for us, yet precious and unforgettable. I will recommend it to my schoolmates next summer. Many thanks to my English teacher as well as my tutors.




In the program, the tutors taught us a lot of words, played interesting games and provided us with a chance to speak English. At the very beginning, I didn’t know what the tutors said. But now I can understand at least 50% of it. I also knew more information about other countries, animals, food and so on. I felt happy to have attended this program. If I have a chance, I’ll join it again.




  I remember when Miss Chan told us about the program and recommended it to us, at first, I didn’t want to join it. After consideration, I asked some of my friends to join with me.

  In the first lesson, I met the tutors Francis and Byron. They spoke so fast that I couldn’t follow. All of us remained shy in class. I thought they were not good.

  In the two weeks’ time, we had changed our attitudes towards the tutors. They taught us lots of new words and corrected our pronunciation. The most unforgettable event was playing “a millionaire”. I can’t forget the day on July 27. That day, we challenged other classes by inviting them to play the game. At first, we led the game. But because of our wrong decision, we finally got beaten.

  To conclude, the program met my expectations. I have learnt lots of new words and things. Most importantly, the tutors helped me correct my pronunciation. If the program is offered again next summer, I’ll ask my friends to join it. If they don’t, I will definitely join it again.




  During this summer holiday, we went back to school to attend an English program. I joined it because I wanted to improve my English. The time was short, but we had great fun. We played games, learnt new words and read some articles. All these are useful to our English learning. The teachers come from an international school. They taught us lots of new things. They are very friendly. If I have a chance, I’ll join this program again next summer holiday.




  I had taken lessons for three weeks during the summer holiday. I find that my English has improved because of the tutors’ help. During these days, tutors taught us how to analyse sentence structures and how to pronounce correctly. They asked us to read words one by one so that they could hear them clearly and point out our mistakes. At the same time, they also gave us some practice exercises about grammar. If we didn’t know, they explained to us patiently. Except for these, they also told us how to write. They said, “If you want to improve your writing skills, you should do more practice.” So they asked us to write more. When we finished, they often checked it at once. It’s very kind of them. I want to thank them very much.




  I joined this program because I wanted to improve my English. At first, I couldn’t understand what the tutors said. But after several lessons, I understood more easily. Most of the lessons were fun and helped to improve my English. I think the program matched my expectations. I can pronounce more clearly and listen more quickly than before. I hope more students can participate in a similar program in the future.




  I did not want to waste my time doing nothing at home during the summer holiday, so I decided to take part in this English program. I wanted to gain something I had never thought about before.

  I really got a lot of surprises. I appreciated the tutors so much. I started to wonder why they could speak English in an excellent way when they were the same age as I. I did want to do that as well as they. The program matched my expectations overall, because I found too many things I could not do well. It was full of challenge to me and it was beyond my imagination. The program does make me think that more reading, listening and speaking are the most important to enhance students’ English proficiency.

  I love to play games most of all for they were not boring. And the games needed plenty of knowledge and wisdom. I was also particularly impressed by the tutors who were so diligent. I respected their care so much. To be honest, I can pronounce the alphabets from A to Z well. Of course, I can’t still pronounce them perfectly now. I think it is difficult to improve my English, but the tutors had never given up. I can hardly express my mixed emotions and my thankfulness for their help.




  It was an exciting summer holiday. I had to go back to school to improve my oral English. At first, I thought it would be boring because I didn’t think I could improve it in such a short time. But to my surprise, the lessons weren’t boring. The tutors always played games with us in these three weeks. It was wonderful. We could talk with some tutors who come from an international school. They are friendly and speak English very well. When playing games, we could learn something in English.

                                                                                                 (Wai Wai / William)



  I think I have gained something from joining this program.

  At first, I joined it because I wanted to improve my oral English. I expected to pronounce more clearly and learn more vocabulary.

  My two tutors are from different countries. One is from America; the other comes from Canada. So their English is extremely good. They said that reading English books is a good way to improve English. So we read an English book by ourselves. It could improve our vocabulary and grammar.

  The tutors taught us pronunciation. It was difficult for me because I couldn’t read with the correct pronunciation. However, after several lessons, I thought my spoken English had gradually improved. The most interesting event was playing games. It was great fun and helped to improve my listening skill.

  I hope more schoolmates will be able to join this program next summer holiday.




  This summer, I had to go to school to join an English program. I thought this program could help me improve my English and make new friends.

  After three weeks, the program matched my expectations. I am not afraid of speaking English in front of others. What I like most was playing games with the tutors.

  I will recommend this program to my schoolmates. I am sure they will have a great time with the tutors.



  Before I started this program, I hoped I could improve my listening and speaking skills. Three weeks later, I find this can’t be achieved because the tutors just spoke Cantonese / Putonghua with us. They didn’t know what we liked most in class was to speak English. However, I still learnt some grammar. It is very useful in writing and speaking. The tutors worked hard and they wanted us to learn as much as possible. They are friendly and make friends with us. The lessons were great fun; we still felt very happy.

  After the program, I find learning English well is very difficult, yet very challenging to me. I work hard and watch English TV programs as recommended by John.

                                                                                                          (Man Wai)



This is a good try to let young tutors help us with our English. They explained difficult words in sentences easily. They are very nice and can speak English well. I think they were our idols during these days. I really want to say thank-you to the tutors.




  I will be in F4 this year. I think I am very weak in speaking and listening. I hoped I could improve these skills by joining this English program.

  The tutors who are studying in an international school are friendly. Because of their help, my listening and speaking skills have improved gradually.

  During these days, the most memorable event was playing games as I could learn English in an interesting way. Many thanks to the tutors.




  I had joined this program for 20 days. The program matched my expectations. My English has improved. It helps build up my confidence in learning English. Most importantly, I can listen better than before.

  I like playing games with the tutors. We felt nervous and excited while playing games, but we could also learn new words.




  I hoped to improve my English, so I joined this English program.

  I was very worried at first because my English teacher told me that the tutors would chat with me all in English. When I met them for the first time, I didn’t understand what they said. I thought it was too bad for me. But the tutors are always very friendly to help me. Gradually, I came to understand better. I felt very happy at that time. Thus I would like to thank John and Calista. I will recommend this program to my schoolmates if it is offered again next summer.

                                                                                                         (Hung Hung)          



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