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Summer Peer-to-Peer English Tutoring Program 2005 - Chronicle

Visitors: Please bookmark this page for reports and announcements for the Chinglin Tutoring Program. Check back as the program develops and concludes.

Program epilog (September 24, 2005)
Program closing (August 20, 2005)
Midterm update (August 4, 2005)
Group 2 Day 1 (July 18, 2005)
Group 1 Day 1 (July 11, 2005)
Program update (July 6, 2005)
Program update (June 27, 2005)
Preliminary program guidelines (June 10, 2005)

Program contacts

Chinglin Program Epilog
(September 24, 2005)

Program closed but not ended....

We already got a cover story on SCMP Young Post, August 29, 2005 (pdf file, 298 KB).

And then we were asked by SCMP Education Post to write on peer tutoring and its beneifts to both the tutors and the students. Sure, we have many true stories to tell, but, given the limited space available at Insight and Opinion, we could only comment:

Peer tutors find that help cuts both ways - SCMP, Hong Kong, September 24, 2005

Thanks all students and tutors!
It must have been your program experience sharing that had caught the attention of the Education Post editor. Well done!


Chinglin Program Closing
(August 20, 2005)

Tutors and students participating in the Chinglin Program 2005 held a lunch party on August 18 for all to celebrate the end of the program. Eight student tutors and 19 students came, as did the program coordinators from Maplewood Education Services and Hon Wah Middle School and school officials. Few were not touched by the heartfelt speeches and impromptu remarks by participants on their experiences as teachers and learners in the program.

It seemed that the rounds of speeches would never end as many took turns to speak more than once. Some students and tutors were actually speaking in front of so many people for the very first time. You can relive the tender and earnest, but also spirited and cheerful mood during the experience sharing from the student and tutor essays - filled with warm compliments and sincere critiques.

There was at least one pleasant surprise: an editor and a photographer from SCMP Young Post popped in the party and interviewed the students and the tutors, who would surely like their wonderful story of the summer to be shared with more of their peers soon.

SCMP Young Post cover story August 29, 2005 (pdf file, 298 KB)

Yet nothing would compare to the mood of accomplishment and jubilance as the tutors received their Certificates of Recognition for exemplary services, followed by rounds of hugs, tears, exchange of emails, MSN's, phone numbers, and souvenirs. Photo opportunities certainly prevailed over the food and drinks, except for the New York cheese cake specially made by Sherwin, one of the tutors, for the special day.

Program photos at Maplewood Albums

The two groups of tutors held their final tutoring sessions in the afternoon and the following morning with more games, chit-chats, and experience sharing with their students. At the program debriefings, tutors also filled out a Chinglin Program questionnaire and sent in essays summarizing their summer peer tutoring experiences.

Read essays from Chinglin tutors.

More program photos


Chinglin Midterm Update
(August 4, 2005)

We are into the fourth week of the Chinglin Program now. Two student tutors from Group 1 and four from Group 2 met at lunch on August 1, introduced to each other, and shared their tutoring experiences to date.

For example, one group found that they have been spending 10% of their time in game activities while the other group revealed they have been spending up to 50% of their time doing so. While only one group is using the school's AV facilities to screen movies for teaching, both groups plan to have outings to the new, weirdly wonderful Roald Dahl movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with their students. 

Care to play the Heart Attack word game?
(More program photos)

Team members have gained confidence in solving scheduling, attendance, student drop-out and other problems as they come up. They have alerted the program coordinators at first opportunity for support and advice. Some team members have kept journals of their tutoring sessions while some have actually enjoyed getting to know a community which they have not known before. Some have even planned to have reunions with some of the students and to provide further help in English after the program. And everyone who came to lunch enjoyed the lunch, of course....  

Things to do:

1. Plan for an End-of-Program Lunch Party for all tutors and the Hon Wah students during the last week - either on Monday August 15 or Thursday August 18. These are the two days in the last week of the program when both groups will have their tutoring sessions and both groups can get together for lunch. It will be up to the 2 groups of tutors to decide which date. Hon Wah can provide the Geography Room for the party and Maplewood can sponsor the food and refreshments. The team can design any games, activities, speeches, performance, ceremonies at the party. All should participate so feel free to plan the party with the Hon Wah students. Please let both Hon Wah and Maplewood coordinators know your date, time, place, run-down and budget as soon as possible.  

2. Debriefing on the Chinglin Program. We are going to have a debriefing for the student tutors in each group during each group's last tutoring session. The debriefing will take about an hour and will let all tutors share their experiences and thoughts on the program. Maplewood will also pass around a questionnaire to collect tutors' feedback on the program. Hon Wah students may also be present to share their own experiences.  

Group 1 Debriefing Thursday August 18, 2005 at 3:30 pm in Hon Wah
Group 2 Debriefing Friday August 19, 2005 at 10:30 am in Hon Wah

3. Summary of tutoring experience. All student tutors are to write up a summary of their experience in the Chinglin Peer Tutoring Program in 400-800 words by August 20, 2005. We want you to reflect upon your own personal growth and development through your community involvement, and express whatever you feel strongly about the program - positive or negative - so that we can improve the program in the future. Maplewood plans to compile these writings in a compendium which will also include write-ups by the Hon Wah students on their own learning experiences in the program. We believe this will serve the memory well for all who have participated in the Chinglin program.

For this week and up to August 10, please contact Ms Wong Yuk Ting at Hon Wah Middle School (Tel: +852 2817 1746 General Office) if you need any support at school in the absence of Mr Francis Choi.

Meanwhile, keep up with your good work!  


Chinglin Group 2 Day 1
(July 18, 2005)

Group 2 student tutors kicked off on an auspicious day - Old Master Lu Ban's birthday which was commemorated at the Lu Ban Temple on Ching Lin Terrace next to Hon Wah Middle School - and incidentally the hottest day of the year to date. The sun-baked weather must have contributed to a special zest to the tutoring program. Witness the vigor and enjoyment of our tutors as they launched their program for another group of 14 Hon Wah students (click each image for a full view):

Meanwhile, Group 1 student tutors continued into their second week, and have found out quickly after a week that there's more to the tutoring program besides teaching and learning; the team has to practice good communication and team play, be aware of focus, perseverance, commitment and respect to others to make the program a success. Here's Group 1 in their second week:

More program photos


Chinglin Group 1 Day 1
(July 11, 2005)

Group 1 student tutors were off to a great start of our English tutoring program, meeting with 10 Hon Wah students on this bright, sunny but sizzling summer day. The first day of class was very interactive, and so much full of energy and ... fun too! - just look at some of the snapshots from the day here (click each image for a full view):

Classes for Group 1 students will continue Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Hon Wah. During the classes, the contact at Hon Wah for any assistance or emergency situations is Mr Francis Choi, at tel 2817 1746 (the school's general office), and email

More program photos


Program Update
(July 6, 2005)

We just had our first program organization meeting on July 5, 2005 at which the first group of 5 student tutors met with Maplewood and Hon Wah coordinators to get a more detailed briefing on the program and its objectives. We also reviewed the English syllabus to be covered and gave a backgrounder on what's special about peer tutoring and its benefits to both the student tutors and the learners. The tutors then discussed among themselves how to get prepared for their tutoring sessions which will start on July 11.  

We are going to have a second organization meeting on July 14 for a second group of student tutors who were not able to join us on July 5. This group includes the UK group who will be back in Hong Kong on July 11 or 12.  

The first group of 5 tutors are taking up 10 Hon Wah students (who will attend Form 5 in September) for tutoring sessions in the afternoons. The second group of 6 or 7 tutors will take up 15 students (who will attend Form 4 in September) in the mornings. As we planned, we will have a good tutor/student ratio to ensure beneficial teaching and learning experience on the two sides.   

Second organization meeting details:  

Date: July 14, 2005 (Thursday)
:  5:30-7:30 pm
Maplewood's office, 88 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel 2772 8303 / 9109 1750 (map). For this meeting, please drop in on the Seminar Room on 7/F directly.  

We'll follow the same agenda as we did in the first meeting:  

  • introduce tutor team and coordinators from Maplewood and Hon Wah Middle School
  • explain and discuss objectives of the program
  • brief on the background of Hon Wah students and their school
  • introduce and discuss the English language syllabus
  • backgrounder on peer tutoring, its benefits, and rights and responsibilities of tutors
  • team members discuss organization and implementation of the program (this will take up the second half of the meeting)

Things to do:  

1. Please confirm your attendance for the second organization meeting on July 14 at if you missed our first meeting on July 5.

2. Read up on the
Backgrounder on Peer Tutoring.

3. Bookmark this link for the latest program info update:

If you have any questions any time, please call or email Program Contact.


Program Update
(June 27, 2005)

Thank you all for your enthusiasm in your response to Maplewood's Peer-to-Peer English Tutoring Program this summer in Hong Kong. We are announcing the first program organization meeting for our volunteer students on July 5, 2005.  

Why the first meeting? Yes, we have basically two groups of volunteering students - one group of students in Hong Kong while another group of students now attending boarding schools in the UK. In total, we have around 8 -12 volunteer students, split between the two groups and including some of you who have expressed a strong interest to participate but not confirmed your availability dates yet. We would like to get the first group going to start the program in the week of July 11 as planned; we will have a second organization meeting in mid-July for the UK group who will be back in Hong Kong only after July 11 or 12.  

Around 25 students from the Hon Wah Middle School, a local Hong Kong secondary school, have signed up for the tutoring program so far. They are also in two groups - one group having finished Form 3 going on to Form 4, and another group having finished Form 4 going on to Form 5. We will have a good tutor/student ratio and good teaching and learning experience can be gained by the two sides.  

First organization meeting details:  

Date: July 5, 2005 (Tuesday)
Time:  6:00-8:00 pm
Maplewood's office, 31/F, 88 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel 2772 8303 / 9109 1750 (map)  

At this organization meeting, we plan to:  

  • let fellow volunteer students introduce to each other (since you'll all be in one team)
  • explain and discuss the objectives of the program in detail
  • introduce the coordinators of the program from Maplewood and Hon Wah Middle School
  • brief on the background of Hon Wah students and their school
  • introduce and discuss the English language curriculum
  • brainstorm any other specific needs and goals
  • discuss implementation of the program
  • set up team structure and program logistics (class/activities scheduling, tutor availability dates, etc. )
  • AOB (any other business)  

Things to do:  

For Hong Kong volunteer students:  

1. If you have signed up in this program and will be in Hong Kong on July 5, please confirm your attendance for the organization meeting on July 5 at

2. If you have not confirmed your availability dates for the program, please let us know on or before July 5 at so that we can schedule you in for the dates you will be available.  

For UK volunteer students:

3. Please stay tuned for further announcement of the mid-July organization meeting.  

4. Bookmark this link for the latest program info update:

If you have any questions any time, please call or email Program Contact.


Preliminary Program Guidelines
(June 10, 2005)

  • Target students - Hon Wah students in F4 to F7
  • Volunteer tutors - high school students attending other local secondary schools, international schools, boarding schools in UK or USA who are in Hong Kong for the summer
  • Place - classrooms at Hon Wah Middle School, 10-13 Ching Lin Terrace, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong (map)
  • Duration - July 11 through August 20, 2005 (Different groups may start in different weeks.)
  • Time commitment per student - 2-3 afternoons/mornings per week, 2-3 hours per session. Minimum 4 weeks x 6 hours/week = 24 hours. Maximum 6 weeks x 10 hours/week = 60 hours.
  • Commitment from Hon Wah students - must attend at least 90% of classes to obtain a citation from Maplewood/Hon Wah. Absence must be notified before class.
  • Tutor/student ratio - one tutor to two to four students
  • To do list:

    - Organize and planning of curriculum and schedules by tutoring students. Coordination by Maplewood and Hon Wah for venue.

    - Program planning meeting by tutoring students before program starts. Program diary. Program debrief, survey/questionnaire by tutoring students at end of program.

    - A kick-off orientation meeting and an end-of-program party for all participants at the end.

    - Creativity in the learning program is much encouraged, e.g. tutors may design an outing to a movie, a trip to Stanley but only English should be spoken.


Program Contact

General info and enrolment:

Send email to with your name, a brief description of your age, year of study, school, and your contact email and phone no. Thank you!

Maplewood coordinator contact:

Perry Yu
Education Consultant and Director
Maplewood Education Services
Email: Tel: +852 9109 1750

Hon Wah coordinator contact:

Denise Yeung
Teacher, Hon Wah Middle School
Email: Tel: +852 9332 2102

Hon Wah Middle School:

Francis Choi
Hon Wah Middle School
Email: Tel: +852 9653 7044

Wong Yuk Ting
Teacher, Hon Wah Middle School
Tel: +852 2817 1746
(Hon Wah General Office)

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Program experience sharing

Program photos


Peer Support - SCMP Young Post cover story August 29, 2005

"In this English tutoring program, I learned more about English, learned to be more proactive and say my words louder, and I made more friends... I've gained so much!!!" - Yuki, student

"Overall, I've learned a lesson - always pay attention, try to chatter less in class, and be more polite and thankful to teachers." - Marie, tutor, on seeing herself as a student from a teacher's view.

" I found it extremely challenging, but at the same time I enjoyed it very much. To be a teacher is not a simple occupation, which involves plenty mental training as well as physical ability - standing for hours!" - Sherwin, tutor, on being an English teacher for the very first time.

"My most memorial thing ... was we played 'true or dare'. Many of us spoke out the true things. I know that because we trust each other very well!" - Julia, student

"I never missed my classes.... I don't know why since my first day of class, I had wished the class would never have ended. Every day when we had class, I didn't want to leave when the class ended." - Hon Wah student Joyce at end of the Chinglin program

"Teachers' age is similar to ours, so we can communicate easily." - Fang, student

"I never regretted devoting so much time on this program. I learnt many things I could never experience at school and at home. We are encouraged to organize everything ourselves and be responsible to students in our own group. This trained us to be independent and solved all the problems ourselves. I had the opportunity to recruit most of our team members and organizing the team." - Jane, tutor.

"I told my students that they could have a 20 minute break and I was expecting them to be happy about it. Instead, they looked at me uncertainly and said, 'I think a 5 minute break is enough for me.' This was quite shocking. I have never met anyone who was so willing to learn in my entire life." - Tammy, tutor.


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