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GlobalEnglish Program  

English for Kids
GlobalEnglish for students, ages 6-12

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, a student who successfully completes the coursework can do the following:

  Course 1 Course 2 Course 3


*   Understand basic greetings, expressions, introductions

*   Understand basic questions and comparisons

*   Understand simple references to objects, people and time


*   Understand polite requests and offers of help

*   Understand basic expressions for thanking, agreeing and apologizing

*   Understand basic confirmations and corrections

*   Understand basic how, when, where and why questions

*   Understand references to future action, possibility, duration of event, geographical references and compass directions

*   Understand causes and effects of actions and events

*   Understand description of people’s abilities, language for feelings


*   Use basic greetings, expressions, and ask about activities in simple conversations

*   Thank and respond to thanks, talk about likes and dislikes, ask about favorite things

*   Ask for and give personal details, ask about and identify objects


*   Greet others and introduce someone

*   Make a polite request

*   Ask about and describe physical/emotional conditions

*   Ask for and give information, directions, ask for and give a description of a person

*   Talk about past and future actions

*   Express doubt, necessity, possibility, understanding and agreement

*   Basic language for ordering food, talk about quantities

*   Ask for permission, talk about feelings

*   Narrate simple stories 


*   Understand meaning of words presented in the course

*   Understand very short stories on topics presented in the course

*   Understand short stories on topics presented in the course


*   Understand over 330 words and expressions covering colors, countries, days of the week, family, friends, home, the body, school, time

*   Understand over 270 words and expressions covering animals, locations, buildings, cities, stores, numbers, mountains, musical instruments, transportation

*   Understand over 290 words and expressions covering foods, restaurants, feelings, emotions, weather, geography, months of the year, seasons, sports, space

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