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GlobalEnglish Program  

English Head Start
GlobalEnglish for students, ages 13 -18

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, a student who successfully completes the coursework at different levels
can do the following:

Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
  • understand conversations about movies, sports, romance, travel, people and places  
  • understand conversations about health, beauty, fashion, and personality types  
  • understand conversations about wealth, money, and shopping  
  • understand conversations about American culture and American university life  
  • understand conversations about adventure travel and life in the future  
  • understand short conversations on unfamiliar topics  
  • understand long conversations on unfamiliar topics with some new vocabulary  
  • understand conversations about friendship, dating, and romance  
  • understand conversations about art and music  
  • understand expressions of encouragement and interest  
  • understand complaints and disagreements   
  • participate in conversations about oneself and one's studies or work  
  • participate in conversations about unfamiliar topics
  • ask for information, make travel reservations, make toasts 
  • ask and respond to personal questions, talk about personality types
  • give opinions and statements of cause and effect
  • express preferences, possibility and necessity, make comparisons
  • express sympathy, worry and concern  
  • introduce people and make small talk  
  • start a conversation, guide a conversation by politely changing topics
  • participate in most conversations and discussions on a variety of familiar and unfamiliar topics, including friendship, dating, art, and music  
  • discuss and find solutions to problems  
  • express encouragement and interest  
  • express wishes, purposes, and goals  
  • ask for permission
  • ask for and offer help  
  • return telephone calls and leave messages  
  • interrupt and respond to an interruption  
  • give and respond to unpleasant information  
  • agree, disagree, and complain   
  • understand short texts on a variety of topics
  • figure out the meanings of new words from context    
  • understand long, authentic texts on a variety of topics    
  • Vocabulary
    • understand and use approximately 1200-1600 key vocabulary items in general English
    • understand and use approximately 2000 key vocabulary items in general English

    Class Schedules and Enrolment

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