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Aspiration - a Maplewood Newsletter  

December 1, 2004

If You Are Admitted to Stanford...

If you are admitted to Stanford, would you attend or would you not?

It’s not college admission decision time quite yet (though Early Action and Early Decision results will be mailed out before mid-December). While you may still be rushing to fill out your applications to US colleges and universities, it’s never too early to learn what criteria students use when it comes to finally choose which school to attend (not which ones to apply to).

The latest statistics from Stanford University on their admitted Class of 2008 students reveal that over one-third of the admitted students actually chose NOT to attend. “They’re the cream of the crop and they beat out thousands of other students who would have jumped at the opportunity.” But where did they choose to go?

Not surprisingly, students admitted to such a top university as Stanford also had offers from other elite schools to choose from. Both students and admissions officers would agree that the college admission process is not just about gaining admission to a prestigious school but more importantly, about choosing the best-fit school to attend. It’s four important years of your life, and you’d better make the right decision.

Stanford’s statistics show that “a student’s decision on where to enrol is often uniquely tailored to the individual desires of the student and where he or she feels the best fit…. Students cited factors as housing, academic programs, or a desire to study with specific faculty members at other universities.”

More on the Stanford statistics and where admitted students enrolled instead of Stanford

Top Essay Tips from the Admissions Officers

If you are rushing to write your admissions essays and don't have a clue, here are some tips and hints from the insiders - the essay readers at top liberal arts school Carleton College:

  • View the essay as something more than just a page to fill up with writing. View it as an opportunity to tell who you are as a person.
  • Be yourself.... Don't start reinventing yourself.
  • Take the time to go beyond the obvious.
  • Concentrate on topics of true significance to you.
  • Write thoughtfully and from your heart.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread.
  • Keep it short and to the point.

More tips from Carleton's essay readers

Maplewood Application and Essay Review Services in December

Specially designed for students who need to send in college application before the Jan 1 deadline, Maplewood's personal, one-on-one workshops help students improve on their applications and/or essays.  Each workshop consists of 2 sessions:

1.  You come in with what you have done.  We spend time to discuss your case, review everything, and make suggestions to improve. You go home to review and revise.

2.  We meet and do final review, edit and proofread before you submit your application.  

Fees:  HK$5,000 for 2 personal, one-on-one sessions per workshop. Up to 2 applications or schools. If student needs more help, cost is $2500 for each extra session.

Contact your Maplewood counselor or visit Maplewood's website for more information.

About this newsletter: Aspiration is an occasional news and events announcement by Maplewood Education Services, a college counseling service provider. It is sent to Maplewood students and parents via email and made available on Maplewood's website. For addition or removal from our mail list, please send your request to Maplewood at maplewood@pacific.net.hk.

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