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Hong Kong, May 29, 2007

College Board Accepting SAT Registration for 2007-2008

Dear Maplewood students and parents,  

College Board's SAT registration has just opened for the year 2007-08 today. Please register online as soon as you can to secure your test dates and places.  

As you may already know, SAT registration at the College Board for US college application has been very tight in the past year as there has been a surge in the number of students registering for tests in Hong Kong, including many college-bound students coming in from mainland China where the SAT test is not administered.  

Many students who are applying in the 2007-08 and 2008-09 application years have not been able to register for SAT tests in Hong Kong in the past months, even way before the deadlines. Some of you who will be applying this fall have only been able to register successfully for the May and June 2007 tests at test sites outside Hong Kong (for example, in Singapore and Taipei).  

Our suggestions:  

1. If you have not taken any SAT tests yet and you will be applying in Fall 2007, we suggest you register for the tests in October, November, December and even January now.  

2. If you have taken one or two tests already and you want to give it another try to improve your scores, register now for a test date this fall.

3. If you will be applying in Fall 2008, it's not too early to register for your first SAT test in spring 2008. You can register early for the tests in January, May and/or June 2008 to get yourself a headstart. You won't run into a cramp in 2008-09.   US college application takes good advanced planning If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact Maplewood Education Services.  

Best regards,  
Perry Yu
Education Consultant and Director
Maplewood Education Services

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