What schools do we recommend?

We make our recommendations from a Maplewood list of over 250 US colleges and universities that include the top national universities and liberal arts colleges, as well as schools that offer the best value for higher education.

This list is a small fraction of the over 4,000 institutions of higher education in America. Yet in our experience, we find this list can offer the best choices for 95% of our students. However, we do not make any recommendations until we meet and discuss with the students and the parents to gain a thorough understanding of their academic needs, abilities, and goals.

What about the top schools?

Our college counseling expertise has been built on one focus: to help students apply and get admitted into some 40 most selective private colleges and large state universities. Maplewood's success over the years in improving the admission rate of students applying to these very selective schools remains our core competence.

If you are a high-achiever, have a fine academic preparation, and would like to get into these top US colleges and universities, we strongly urge you to make arrangement for a free initial consultation to discuss how you may improve your chance of admission.

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