MBA Application Counseling

For working professionals who are applying to top MBA programs, Maplewood provides MBA Application Counseling services to enhance their chance of acceptance by customizing strategies and tactics to differentiate their candidacies from competitors.

MBA Application Counseling is specially designed for those who have gained a solid career background in preparation for top MBA programs. Appropriate preparation would include a few years of professional working experience after college, preferably with management responsibilities.

Why work with an admissions consultant?

The most difficult aspect of earning a top MBA degree could be getting accepted to the school of your choice. At top-ranked MBA schools, the admission rate for candidates with the right credentials and confidence to apply can be less than 20%, and often as low as 10% or 15%.

Maplewood consultants are knowledgeable about the key selection criteria of top B-school admissions committees: academic ability, personal character, management potential and professional goals. We are also aware of how schools weigh these criteria relative to other admissions factors and priorities such as diversity, which can change from time to time and from one school to another.

Maplewood consultants provide updated information and inside-track analysis as to what admissions decision makers would expect from applicants. Our clients - many of whom have a full-time job, family and busy social life - find our services professional, ethical, accessible, and results-driven.

If you desire the intellectual, emotional and economic benefits of a top-quality, full-time MBA education in the USA or Europe, we can help you get into the best possible business school of your choice!

Comprehensive service coverage

1. Credentials assessment and MBA school selection

Provide an objective, actionable assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
Identify business schools that represent the best fit for you based on analysis and understanding of your career goals and personal preferences

2. Application Strategy

Develop a customized action plan for you to leverage your strengths and neutralize your vulnerabilities, to increase your chances of gaining admission to your target B-schools
Assist you to optimally position and differentiate your candidacy through use of proven, proprietary tools and resources

3. Review of resume or business CV (as required in application)

Showcase your career history in support of your MBA application
Develop an understanding of your career goals and objectives of an MBA education

4. Essay advice, review and editing

Select essay topics in support of your overall MBA application strategy and positioning
Guide your development of an outline for each essay
Provide full essay editing services, including content, grammatical review and avoidance of clichés
Ensure that your essays reflect career goals and your desire for an MBA

5. Final application review

Ensure your application form, resume or business CV, essays, supplementary info (e.g. activities, skills, talents) will together present a strong, consistent and truthful candidacy to help you get into the B-school of your choice

6. Interview preparation workshop 

Provide guidance and coaching on interview strategies
Conduct a simulated mock interview with you
Offer feedback on your mock interview

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